Foundation Piers in Kansas City

Our Piering System

  • Our Pier “Piering System” is uniquely designed to provide our customers with the industries deepest and strongest system.
  • Our Pier is a Concentric Loading Pier. It transfers the building load in a straight line, directly under the foundation wall.
  • Our Pier was the pioneer of Tubular Steel pre-cast “filled” with high strength expansive concrete mortar.
  • Our unique welded Head assembly with fully encased shim points assures a perfect under all footing conditions.
  • Our installation done by hand digging with shovels, so we do not tear up lawns and landscaping
  • Our hydraulic lifting method provides for pin point control and accuracy every time.

Other Company’s Piers

  • Most other Foundation Piers are Eccentric Loading Piers. The building load is offset up to 4” from the shaft and is not in a straight line.
  • Other Foundation Piers offset load causes Shaft buckling stresses excessive Pier head rotation.
  • Other Foundation Piers are hollow pipe without any cast strengthening causing weakness.
  • Other foundation piers require big heavy equipment to excavate and install with limited access to tight areas and interior applications.
  • Other foundation piers use a lifting method that does not provide individual pier accuracy.
  • Other Foundation Piers are antiquated and more expensive.